Private Chef – Michelin Caliber


Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions

Private Chef – Michelin Caliber West Palm Beach FL
$120000 – $150000

Rare private chef role that doesn’t require past private chef experience! The client is looking for a chef that is well versed in working with the best possible produce and proteins, knows where to source from, and can execute at a high level. A background in respected and Michelin starred backgrounds is required. 

Additional initial details: lunch and dinner, healthy Mediterranean diet (avoiding added sugar or butter), no young children, entertaining in small groups (4-6), and includes travel weeks in the summer. 

Of note, this role is 5-6 days a week (occasional sixth days are typically partial) and includes a few months of guaranteed paid time off while the principles are traveling elsewhere.


  • Michelin or James Beard experience as a Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, or Senior Sous Chef
  • Love cooking with bright flavors, vegetables, fresh fish, olive oil, etc.
  • Able to travel to NY in the summer with principles for 5-8 weeks.
  • Able to relocate and be based in Palm Beach
  • Work six days a week (varies between 5-6 days)


  • Salary of $120-$150k with upper tier reserved for individuals with a robust recent history of Michelin experience
  • Medical Stipend
  • 3 months paid time off
  • Relocation stipend (as needed)

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